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In today’s media environment there are new problems to solve on a daily basis. From technical initiatives to provide the highest quality content to millions in the fastest way possible to legal issues that arise in news organizations all the way to telecommunication fighting for a place at the top. V-Soft has worked to solve these problems and more with some of the leaders in each vertical.

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Media Companies are held to the highest standard of consumption. Consumers want the latest news, the newest season and more at break-neck speed. Our IT Consultants are staffed in key positions from JAVA Developers, Network Engineers, to Reporting Analysts to apply the latest in software and mobile app developments to drive new technology.


The V-Soft Digital team play a key role in major media corporations’ efforts in developing new viewer experiences including multi-screen syndications and cloud-based video delivery platforms that allow users to engage with their provider at higher rates with more transactions, increasing bottom lines.

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We have a knack for providing media companies the very best in IT Talent including and most successfully, project managers to drive your current team to success on time and on budget. Our recruiters can identify professionals that will be a good fit for your current staff.


Our experienced staffing team knows exactly the skills you need to complete your audio visual and hardware projects. We supply technicians, installations engineers, cable box testers and more.

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